Royal Chariots and Palanquins
Palanquin with Three Poles
21 June 2017

The Palanquin with Three Poles, or Phra Yannamas Sam Lam Khan (Triple Pole Royal Palanquin), was built in the reign of King Rama II for the Royal Cremation of King Rama I. It is a large palanquin made of carved wood, gilded, and decorated with mirrors. It has a four-tiered base with modified corners on the uppermost tier, with a border plate carved and decorated with mirrors, except in the front, the back, and the jutting niches. It is fixed to three carrying poles. On the base, a large octagonal plank is set, with four hooks ready to receive the royal urn. It is borne with three poles by two shifts of 60 strong men. Phra Yannamas Sam Lam Khan is used to transfer the Royal Urn from Dusit Maha Prasad Throne Hall in the Grand Palace to the Great Victory Chariot. The Royal Urn is placed upon the Great Victory Chariot in front of the Elevated Royal Pavilion on the eastern side of Wat Phra Chetuphon (Wat Pho). Phra Yannamas Sam Lam Khan is 7.73 meters long and 1.78 meters high and weighs 700 kilograms.